Their Music is My Life
Their Music is My Life
Make Every Song You Sing Your Favorite Tune [audio]
Make Every Song You Sing Your Favorite Tune [audio]
How a stolen mix tape created a lifelong passionate music fan

A note on this pod episode.

This is the same content as the written post of the same name, but with yours truly doing a voice-over of the post. I needed to post at least one pod episode to allow the podcast to be activated and syndicated across other networks, e.g., Apple Podcast, Spotify. I won’t duplicate written episodes with an audio version in the future.

So, double your pleasure. Listen here or read the post. Either way, thanks for being here. Judd

It wasn’t like it happened over a long, extended period. It was an instant transformation. If you can be simultaneously dumbstruck and awestruck, I was. Of course, I had heard music before, but I had never experienced it. When the song ended, I pushed stop on the cassette deck and sat in silence for a few minutes. And then I pressed rewind…

Their Music is My Life

Their Music is My Life

Stories from a playlist of my life's greatest hits. ⚡️ Music is personal. Your favorite artists and their songs are a part of your life's most memorable moments. The funny thing is, this music, it's not your music; it's theirs. But you identify with it. You adopt it. It becomes your music. - Their Music is My Life is based on a playlist that reflects the phases and stages of my life. I share my life lessons and experiences as a passionate music fan from the first song to the last. It's a collection of stories about the rise and fall of my ups and downs and how some of my favorite songs helped me revel in them and ride them out. - Sit a spell, pour a beverage, put on a favorite tune of your own, and join me in an inspired discussion about the inseparable connection between life and music.

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